Meditation holidays

People have been coming to Arillas to meditate for more than 40 years. Already in the eighties, young people in orange clothes (sannyasins) would walk around the village and practice meditation and naturism at the far end of the beach.  Around that time, the first meditation centres were established in Arillas, Alexis Zorbas and Ouranos Club.



The last  decade, meditation tourism has taken a new flight in the area, mainly due to the creation of the Corfu Buddha Hall in Magoulades. The Corfu Buddha Hall is a large meditation hall where various seminars and workshops are held, ranging from silent retreats and meditation to mantra chanting, dancing, Gurdjieff movements, tantra and much more.

A new venue where big festivals are hosted in the Gayatri Mandir. Festivals held there include Deva Premal’s Gayatri festival, Agape Zoe festival, Ecstatic Dance festival and Mirabai Ceiba’s Ocean Samadhi.

There are also many individual session-givers in Arillas who offer all kinds of massages, yoga and healing sessions. In the high season you will see many people doing yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi on the beach every morning. You are welcome to join most of them, either for free or on a voluntary donation basis.  For more on meditation holidays on Corfu, visit Green Corfu.


A lot of our guests have been coming for years to Arillas to participate in seminars and workshops or just relax, swim, and visit an occasional open meditation session. I guess the peace and quiet of the location, the beautiful garden and the positive energy of Zambeta help the spirit and soul relax!